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Inclusive classrooms allow kids the opportunity to move away from the crowd and reach out to another. Helping others builds self-esteem and develops leadership skills. Visit:

Diverse children dream of a world of HARMONY and PEACE. Making the right choices can make it a reality. Illustration from "Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World." Purchase:

ROCK WITH STARABELLA IF YOU WANT KIDS TO LIVE IN A WORLD OF ACCEPTANCE AND SOCIAL HARMONY! Narrated along with art and music, these multiple award-winning stories are MUSICAL THEATER for kids 2-8! Visit and purchase:

Singing her song, “Welcome to a Bright New World,” Starabella lets children envision a world where “all children play and get along and are accepted for exactly who they are.” Info and purchase:

ALL classrooms are heterogeneous whether they are for kids with special needs, general classrooms or accelerated learners. Starabella audio picture books with music by a child with autism, make kids comfortable with differences, They learn what is special in themselves and others. This prepares them to become effective adults in an ever changing diverse world. Visit and Purchase:

When you make a friendly choice, you will see a smile and your eyes will shine like stars. Readers/listeners interact to help the kids in Starabella's class create a socially sensitive environment that meets the needs of the whole. "Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World"

Starabella's BRIGHT NEW WORLD classmates. "Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World." purchase:

Friendship is a special gift to give yourself. "Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World." Purchase:

"Being a friend makes you feel happy." "Starabella: Welcome to a Bright New World" purchase: