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5 Seconds of Summer Quiz eBook - Songs from 5SOS ALBUMS (5 Seconds Of Summer & LiveSOS) and 5SOS EPs (Unplugged, Somewhere New, She Looks So Perfect, Don't Stop & Amnesia) INCLUDED!

Didn't find a photo, but I thought it would be fun to combine a guest book and a photo album. Why do I need a book of names if I already have everyone's address???

Hugh Laurie | Didn't It Rain | The new album out May 2013 and in concert in #Bologna on 15th of july

All 19 Songs from the 50/50 Soundtrack

50/50 has the best music in it but the studio didn't release a soundtrack. Here is the list of songs.

I’m so sad… someone wrote a hauntingly beautiful 5 STAR REVIEW of my Shape Shifter album but didn’t put their name. If you wrote the review below, first THANK YOU!!! Your words have left me speechless! Please let me know who I am to thank!!! ~~~~~~ Mystery solved... it was my niece Angela Crank, who also happens to sing on my #ShapeShifter album too! I am so thankful she and her husband, Jmichael were willing to work on this beloved project! Thank you Angela for the beautiful comment! <3