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#Inspiration comes in many forms, this time it was the monthly surprise from @stackmagazines Monia Lippi's #at36000feet portfolio in #berlinquarterly is just what I needed to help me through a creative block. Such a beautiful magazine #stackmagazine

Calcareous septa of Fungia fungites, a mushroom coral photographed by Wolfgang Seifarth, a German molecular biologist, in the Maldives.

An Adonis Blue Butterly egg magnification of 185. Taken to illustration the Fibonacci Series by Dr. Martin Oeggerli in 2010. I photographed the photograph at a Royal Photographic Society outdoor exhibition in Edinburgh. Gorgeous shapes.

tree rings - When the trunk of a tree is cut off, it is easy to notice that there are dark circles. Each circle of this is called a growth ring. Each ring corresponds to one year of life.

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