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What ingenuity some people have when dealing with tough situations ! Good job Dad. Love that cute little smile !

The relationship with your mother is the most important one you could have. You spend the most time with her in the early stages of your life. She is most likely the one who will always be there for you, she will also become your best friend. --T.Curtis

And that's when you realize that you are gay Not saying there's anything wrong with thag... "Not me but inspirational" *people congratulate and compliment*

Countless people around the world have acquired or were born with a physical or mental disability. Having a positive attitude can improve your outlook on a disability you may have or that someone else has. Why have two disabilities? Smile!

Kids smiling around the world (10 photos)

The Scars On Your Arms

this is my policy: even if you are having a bad day, never refuse to give a smile, never don't say an encouraging word. teenagers get branded as rebellious and stubborn. if you can change that opinion in someone, wouldn't you do it?

Leslie. Palestinian, NDN, and then some. Female, my feminism is intersectional. Born in the Midwest, grew up in Southeast Asia. Living now in the Pacific Northwest and happy about it. I'm worth it all. I like pretty things and important shit.