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Aquarium 300x70X62cm (BxTxH) 1302Liter Tank 118x28x24 inch 343 Gallon Weitere Bewohner: Cichliden (Cichlids) Aequidens metae, Hypselecara temporalis, Geophag...

Red Spotted Splashing Tetra Tank Size: 30 gallons Care Level: Easy Size: 1.8" Temperature: 68 – 83 °F pH: 4.0 – 7.0 Hardness: 18 – 143 ppm Lifespan: 2 - 5 years Tank Region: Top Population: 1 pair Notes: Very peaceful and ideal for the soft water planted tank. It spends most of its time in the upper levels, so add some long-stemmed or floating varieties.

Rummy nose tetra - I really like these but cannot find them in northern Louisiana. Like many fish when they are stressed their colors disappear. This does not help them "sell" in pet stores if people are not familiar with them! The color comes back though once they feel safe.

Corydoras duplicareus or Corydoras adolfoi -- differences barely distinguishable: former more intense orange; latter found in white water tributaries

Peixes amazônicos ornamentais (manejo) Nome genérico : Acará Amarelo Nome científico : Acarichthys heckelii