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Swedish Orust

Store American Bresse | Greenfire Farms Wonderful pair

The amazing Orust chicken from Sweden. Why has this bird not taken over the backyard coops of the world? One of the coolest chickens ever. Beautiful feathers, crazy speckled legs, and the rooster's earlobes turn an otherworldly shade of neon lavender when they're angry.

Greenfire Farms Here's a pic of what is probably the only pair of Merlerault in North America. This is a native French breed. Beautiful birds, and the rooster is large and powerful.

Chicken Pics: Photos of Popular Chicken Breeds (and all things Chicken!): Bantams (What exactly is a Bantam or Banty?)

Orust Rooster (Auction ID: 126256, End Time : Mar. 31, 2015 21:00:00) - Rare Breed Auctions

Swedish Flower Hen (roosters)

Store Swedish Flower Hen | Greenfire Farms

I guess daddy's can keep chicks warm too <3

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bearded d'uccle 'millefleur' I had two and they were the best, most adorable, sweetest chickens ever!

Polish chicken breed

Jubilee Orpington hen. This beauty is a rare breed- available soon from Greenfire farms

Chocolate Silver Orpington. Chocolate and Chickens? don't get no better than that, nope ♥

Different Breeds Of Roosters | The Japanese developed many chicken breeds from a variety called ...

Swedish Black hen- Bohuslän-Dals svart höna. A gorgeous heritage breed from the western part of Sweden. Good layers and a calm disposition.

I want a splash maran SO BAD!!