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Good for upper elementary (and middle school too!) Onomatopoeia art. Use a 1960's batman video for the anticipatory set and Roy Lichtenstein as the artist focus. Love it!

Ecological Footprints - Internet Activity {Editable}

This great activity has students using an online ecological footprint generator to help them analyze how their lifestyle choices have an implact on their ecological footprint. In this activity they analyze their own footprint, the footprint of the most sustainable human and the footprint of the least sustainable human. This activity leads to a really rich discussion of ecological issues. Since this is a computer lab activity, it also makes for a great sub plan.

A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change (website) Offers information, resources & tips to students about climate change issues, as well as resources for educators.

The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle We’ve all been

The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle We’ve all been... - The Life Cycle of a Plastic BottleWe’ve all been told that we should recycle plastic bottles and containers. But what actually happens to the plastic if we just throw it away? [[MORE]]Emma Bryce...

Fireworks over city, 5th grade originally. Wonderful combination of black and white designs (possibly zentangles?) and color! Maybe good for a sub lesson....

Mixed Media Self Portrait. These were awesome. Little kids did the backgrounds, came up with words that described them and added it on top on canvas boards. Big wow factor for the parents. What an awesome idea!!