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Artist Uses Home Sewing Machine To Capture Nature’s Most Delicate Forms With Embroidery via

Free-Form Embroidery by Judith Baker Montano C Publishing

Laura Katherine McMillan embroidered 'Cell Series' in petri dishes

Living On The Edge.....: A Textile for Aldeburgh

Noami Renouf seascape "My seascapes and landscapes reflect my love for the natural environment. In particular the coastline of Jersey has been a continuing source of inspiration." Uses layering technques with applique, burning/cuting back, machine embroidery and hand stitching. I love the colours in this!

New work 2013 Anne Brooke { trendsetter; amazing textile artwork }

Soft Cell

Laura Katherine McMillan. Size: 9 pieces, 5.5”x 5.5” Medium: Machine and Hand Embroidery in Petri Dishes Year Made: 2010 Cell Series "I began this series of embroideries as a way to fuse my background studies in anatomy and kinesiology with my passion for textile art. Revisiting old text books brought back not just information I would have to memorize for its function but a wealth of beautiful imagery. I began to see the cells as a series of intricate textures and shapes. "

This piece by Cas Holmes explores a range of techniques, it features natural dyed fabrics, embroidery and appliqué.