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Why, Despite All the Bad Publicity it Receives, You Should Go Greek

Greek life has been put in such a negative light recently, but there is so much good to come out of joining Greek life too.

Why Go Greek?

Whenever I mention that I am in a sorority I am always asked the same question: “Why did you join?”

You Should Go Greek If...

Reasons why you should go Greek! Share with your schools!

Why You Absolutely Should Go Greek At CSULB

Are you a New Member at Long Beach and have questions? Look no further!

15 Reasons Why You Should Go Greek

Did you know that Greek organizations raise millions of dollars every year for charities?

Not to mention they dominate politics. And the world wonders why corporations and politicians get such a bad rap? "Leaders," my ass.

Iffy About Joining Sorority Recruitment? Top 5 Reasons Why You Should GO GREEK!