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Stages of Attraction: Body Language for HIM

Love Your Antagonist (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing Worksheet – Love Your Antagonist (PDF) Your antagonist* is sick of being…

Writespiration #38

The boy was like a puppet; always wearing a mask to hide what he was feeling and always did as he was told. The strings cut into his wrists, and the little fight in him said to keep going, but his mind told him to give up and conform to fit society.

"5 Biggest Mistakes When Writing Mental Illness" by author Rosie Claverton, who blogs about psychiatry/psychology for writers.

Megan Lightfoot on

That's why we get along so well because I can never understand what he is saying.... Love him! You have no idea! Lol

Evan Peters there is no actor that pulls off creepy and attractive at the same…

Quotes // The Circle [He touched her for the last time and she watched him burn with glee]

The First Line #016 I give you the first line, you fill in the rest! Prompts are for anyone and everyone, but if you use them, please link back to this blog. Also, if you post something based on this prompt, tag me…I’d love to read it! Thanks!

Love your lead enough to make him/her a real person with weaknesses and…