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The Step-By-Step Guide to Planning Your Happiness Routine (& Why You Need One!)

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A Breakthrough Aproach to Relieve Anxiety, Trauma, Stress and Many Emotional Problems!

What Is Tapping And How Can I Start Using It? From YogaFit for Warriors: We experiment with Tapping in Warriors - I find it works and can immediately ease anxiety by "confusing" the amygdala - fascinating

Fact sheet on communication issues with Autism, the most common pervasive developmental disorder. Echolalia.

#Colors and how to use them in your #house. #Yellow - An Emotion | An Elegance | A Feeling of Sheer Delight. This color is known for enhancing intelligence & mental agility. It can help stimulate conversation and clarify thoughts #HomeDecor #BestDecor #InteriorDesign #design #interior #inspiration #decor #wall #fabric #HomeSweetHome #HomeDecorTip #Curtains #Happiness

The parasympathetic nervous system, run by the vagus nerves is your body’s own personal peace guru, singing songs of safety and calm to your body and mind.

All the 2012 Best-of Reading Lists, Together at Last

All the 2012 Best-of Reading Lists, Together at Last

Malachite;// A "stone of transformation". Assists in coping with setbacks, challenges & changing situations. Aids in releasing negative emotional experiences. Helps to intuit answers, to create an unobstructed path & to identify the steps needed to attain desired result. Brings loyalty in love, friendships and partnerships.

Is there a link between music and happiness?

one of the only activities that activates and stimulates the entire brain is #music More