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Jane Digby, Stieler, 1831. Photo: Schloss Nymphenburg. What a beauty. I had SUCH a girl crush on Jane Digby when I was a child, after reading about her life in a guide book to one of the Digby fami…

The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner – an action-packed thriller set during the French Revolution. Count Kalliovski wants to kill Yann and his friend Tetu, the dwarf. Yann hides in London but then returns to Paris 3 years later. He returns to find out Kalliovski's darkest deeds and also to save Sido – a young aristocrat - from the guillotine. With a tangle of secrets and a thread of magic, the story of a young hero unfolds.

From the death of Louis XIV to the Revolution-in Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain, England, Russia, and Germany; among kings and queens, diplomats, military leaders, writers, great ladies, and artists-French was the universal language. This book presents a series of portraits of foreigners who conversed and corresponded in French regardless of their native language, accompanied by excerpts from their letters or other writings, to demonstrate the genius of the language , the sweetness that was…

Marie Antoinette inspired lookbook by Wildfox. May recognise some of the iconic hairstyles and colours, fashion and life of indulgence and luxury. The real Marie Antoinette lived a fascinating life, marrying at 14. Unfortunately the French people came to dislike her, accusing her of squandering funds. she was most famously misquoted for saying "Let them eat cake". Nine months after her husband was executed, she was tried executed by the guillotine. Not all wigs, cake, champagne and glamour!

I like this guy's plans on building a guillotine. Here is his info: I finally found my old photos of the one I built back in 2002. I thought I would share some of the build photos and the any insight I gained during the process. I have no exact dimensions for this project. But the photos should explain it pretty well. This first pic is of the completed guillotine. It stands about 9' tall. The bench behind it where you put the "victim" is about 6' long and about 2