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What Everyone Ought To Know About Nutrition. Start here http://www.2createabody.com/nutrition-health-articles.html

Get in a fitness routine that works for you, set some goals and then come up with a plan to demolish them. Start small and work your way up. This easy to follow at home workout and meal plan is a great point to start. Once you see the results, it will be easier to continue for the long term too! #fitnesschallenge #workoutplan #workoutforwomen #weightlossplan #fatburn #getfit #fitnessquote #bodytransformation

These 10 awesome fast weight loss lists are SO GREAT! I've started to read the skinny rules and followed some of the tips and I'm ALREADY losing pounds! This is such GREAT POST! I'm DEFINITELY PINNING for later!

GIRLS GUIDE TO GETTING STARTED IN RUNNING. Don’t let memories of school cross country put you off running forever. Women’s fitness expert explains what running can do for you and how easy it is to get started....

Whether you've done hundreds of push-ups or are just getting started, it's easy to lose sight of your form when doing such a basic move. But poor form can equal some big mishaps: namely an ineffective workout and possible injury. Give yourself a refresher by learning the most common mistakes people make when doing their push-ups, and how you can perfect your own. #pressup #workoutmistakes

Losing weight is a very difficult and often expensive thing to do. I’ve gained and lost weight multiple times in my life due to pregnancies, knee surgeries, and other life changes. This year I lost 80 pounds–the most I’ve ever lost–and am 40 pounds under my lowest weight in the last 4 years. I wrote about

Many people start running as a means to lose weight, burn fat or tone up, but as with any diet or exercise plan you need to get the basics right before embarking on a radical change in lifestyle. If you try too much too soon then there's a strong chance you'll get demotivated and slip back into your bad habits. Here are five absolutely key things to remember when starting out…

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