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not all people will dig your enthusiasm. but if you have it, keep it! shine it out there! i haven't yet figured out how being negative adds to the world, makes it kinder, gentler, more loving, happier ... carry on, passionate enthusiasts of this world!!

Former pinner: I made a life changing decision the other day; no more waiting for something to happen, no more counting on luck to drop something in my lap. I'm going to make my own luck from now on. I'm going to make my dreams HAPPEN!

Buggys dad last softball season told me to always remember the Power of Positive Thinking or PPT... Believe in yourself, the strength of an upright, motivational, inspirational, and determined mind is far greater than anything.

KOOL☆CL!PZ® - Kool Clipz are a clever system that solves the problem of loose-hanging earbud cables. Instead of flapping in the breeze or snagging onto the many appendages of this crazy, busy world, Kool Clipz channel your earbud cables to your collar, an

Think about it...We have forever been at war over religion...no one is right, everyone is wrong, religion is fake...yet both domestic and foreign terrorism from fundamentalist nuts & other deranged individuals abound.