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Welcome! Most of the photos here are intended for adult audiences (NSFW-please do not follow if you are under age They have been collected from around the Internet and from my fellow Tumblr enthusiasts, so feel free to reblog if they pique your...

It’s easy to get really stressed, anxious and worn out. Don’t let your situation get the upper hand- take a deep breath and just know that you can do it!

Boundaries Dr John A. King Wisdom and Insight from a lifetime of leadership

..excuse the words..note the sentiments;)

Personal Notes 004: The Last Few Weeks

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist." - Oscar Wilde. Art Print by Ursula Says Hello on Etsy via @cydconverse

This is so important. I feel like were always waiting one way or another for something big and wonderful to happen, and not appreciating the small things in life such as a simple smile or a head tilted back belly laugh! I feel like were always wanting more than what we've got, sometimes i think we should take few steps back and just appreciate what we've got, and who we've got. Lets be honest 99.9% of the time it could be worse. Let just laugh shall we?

Know and love ❤️

Inspirational Quotes

Millions of people make new resolution for up cumming year. But people like me are always same as they were last year. January is the light of hope and December really disappoint those you are filled with over dose of resolutions. Here i'm sharing 30+ Funny new year quotes & sarcastic images just to make you laugh. Don't forget your each and every second is beautiful do enjoy it yourself. Do not get disappointed because you could not achieve something. You might have some that people are…

Ayurveda ...because it's not just undigested food that can be toxic