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More signs brimming with ‘WTF’ (30 Photos)

This makes me think of all the times we went tubing on the Chattahoochee River near Helen, GA growing up. LOL

I once had a cat who looked very much like this one, and Dandy would definitely show us when we had done something wrong by sitting with he back to us -- I'm sure he would have loved the box.

{image only} Love this idea! In fact, take a ton of pictures of numbers in real life and then have students photoshop the images to include problems like these. Swap them with other classes at your grade level for everyone to rotate through and figure out. Could even be a fun parent night activity!

6 Phrases More Important Than 'I Love You'

I always tell her how greatful I am that God chose me to mother her. Even though she can't understand& she just smiles while I poor my heart out to her, it's important to me that she KNOWS how much I love her and how friggin awesome and beautiful she is.