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If you quit you'll always ask yourself, "I wonder if I could have made it?" ..... Stick it out! You are strong! You are smart! You can do it!

Don't be a whimp! Push that extra rep out, you know the one where you are really struggling & it burns like a mother!!! That's the one that counts, focus on excellent form & fighting thru those last few reps that burn. Your body & your mind will get stronger.

You are worth it DEMAND MORE! But don't get Scurrred when more is asked of you!!

Only you can be the best you, why the heck waste time trying to be someone else. Jesus made you in his perfect image, he thinks you are a masterpiece. Own that, do your personal best & be proud! You're awesome! IG: @turbobff FB: @ToughLoveTrainer

Biceps don't grow on trees , trust me I went looking for all of us!

Where all my strong girls at?!