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Miyu // Tourmaline Ring

Miyu // Tourmaline Ring Turn to your inner senses. Calm your mind. Feel the magic. Let peace and happiness blossom and bloom. Let this jewel take you to another world and keep a little part of that magical world with you for the entire day.

Miyu // Tourmaline Ring

Miyu // Tourmaline Ring//Tourmaline is a grounding, purifying power stone that offers protection.

Roystone Turquoise Earrings

Roystone Turquoise Earrings Turquoise is famous for its light blue color which has a sweet and feminine feel

Blush // Mismatched Unicorn Earrings

Blush // Mismatched Unicorn Earrings with morganite, tanzanite and raw tourmaline crystal

Hydrangea Hues // Cluster Ring

Hydrangea Hues Cluster Ring - Gardens of the Sun Jewelry. Gemstone Cluster Ring with sapphire, tanzanite, tourmaline and moonstone. Tagua nut slice by Nature Beads.

Tourmaline Hug Gold Earrings OOAK

Lemongrass // Cluster Ring

"The day is warm and fresh, and the grass sweeps against your legs as you walk through the pleasant sunlight" Lemongrass // Gemstone Cluster Ring. Amethyst, tourmaline citrine, topaz and moonstone. Showcased on ring cone by Mud and Yarn on Etsy.

Wild Berries // Unicorn Cluster Ring

Wild Berries // Unicorn Cluster RingWild Berries // Unicorn Cluster Ring. This artisan gemstone cluster ring is completely one of a kind. Features pink tourmaline, tanzanite, sapphire and moonstone for a forest berries color palette.

Baguette Moonstone Ring

Baguette Moonstone Ring Legend holds that if you give your lover a moonstone at full moon, you will always have passion with each other, like making love at full moon :full_moon: Perhaps because it is a stone that encourages desires and expectations, and helps release your feminine energy. Let it help you strengthen your intuition and support your inner growth.

Mint Sapphire Ring