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I had the most wonderful day! Got to travel back to hometown of Tryon in Polk County, North Carolina and see the new International Equestrian Center! It's not finished, but what they've accomplished so far is just incredible! This is EVERY HORSE LOVERS DREAM COME TRUE! I took these photos today, but their website is fantastic and really shows just how incredible this place is already and what is yet to come! I didn't want to leave! And NOTHING was happening today!

I love the natural feeling Andy has gave this picture. He has broken rocks almost perfectly through the middle to create a path. The white layer near the crack also make the picture even more appealing.

Under the Sea Photography

One thing that gets in the way of creativity is when our lives start to lack mystery. I tend to be inspired by anything ocean-related because of how mysterious it is to me. Images like this remind me that there really is so much mystery in the world.

~~Poitou Donkey ~ one of the most distinctive breeds, it is also among the rarest and least-known | YourHorse~~

A Leopard Can Not Change His Spots (A Clothes Horse)

A Leopard Can Not Change His Spots, a fashion post from the blog A Clothes Horse, written by A Clothes Horse on Bloglovin’

My mother has a theory that all pure white horses are unicorns. We just live in a world where we can no longer see magic, and cannot see their horns.