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"For his project “Memory Suitcases,” Israeli photographer Yuval Yairi used his suitcases as a “canvas” for displaying his photographs. Each of the images shows a photograph of a scene in Israel displayed on the surface of old luggage."

Memory Suitcases par Yuval Yairi

Memory Suitcases est une série de peinture réalisée par l’artiste israélien Yuval Yairi qui utilise des vieilles valises. Utilisées comme des toiles, il peint dessus des paysages nostalgiques, comme une empreintes d’un souvenir, un lieu ou la personne a du poser sa valise

スーツケースに写真を刻んだノスタルジックな作品「Memory Suitcase」

Memory Suitcases Israeli photographer Yuval Yairi uses worn, vintage suitcases as canvases for photos he’s taken: “ Several of the suitcase images are of abandoned houses once belonging to Palestinian...

Voici le projet “Memory Suitcase” de l’artiste photographe israélien Yuval Yairi qui utilise de vieilles valises et mallettes usées comme support pour ses photographies…

After four years of war ravaging the French countryside’s and towns, it looked as if all sense of humanity had disappeared with the hundreds of thousands of lives that were taken. So, to an outsider, the streets of 1918 Paris would seem the worst and most dreary place for an American to ever wish step foot upon being only ninety miles from the closest front. This, of course, was the fear that beset the soul of Marguerite Adler. Not every struggle is on the battlefield.

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