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10 Super Cute Pets You'll Want to Include in Your Wedding

Animal-friendly, and even vegan if you want them to be! This amazing collection of trophy animal heads to crochet gives you one of the hottest home decor looks in cozy yarn! Inside this colorful book there are 10 fabulous trophy animals to choose from. Each project includes beautifully drawn crochet charts and detailed instructions. Available for order …

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Exactly... Watch Cowspiracy, watch Earthlings, open your eyes. Meat eaters and even vegetarians are funding the unspeakable cruelty of animals. It's not entirely your fault: We were all brainwashed and lied to. But now there's so much information easily available. Choose to know, choose to see. Choose compassion. Going vegan will save them and our only planet and ultimately save you and those you love x

Colorful Whippet and Italian Greyhound Art Print - Print of my Original Watercolor Painting

Cats Choose who they bond with, it cannot be forced. If you are the chosen one embrace it as a gift. You have your cat's love! ♥

The Peoples Food Items Dogs Can Choose (Plus, The Ones They Can’t)

Wasn't sure which one........Border Collies love to bring sticks, balls, toys, etc.....

That annoying moment you have to sleep with sunglasses on indoors because the sun is shining its ass into your eyes keeping you awake the one day you get to lie in!! Not completely complaining though- it is "Summer summer Summer Time" :-) :-) ♥♥