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Koch-Backed Group Shovels Money Towards Monica Wehby's Home Turf

Koch brothers try to buy election in Oregon - Koch-Backed Group Shovels Money Towards Monica Wehby's Home Turf

Republican John Yoo -- possibly the most despicable American to ever live, he wrote the Torture Memos approved by George Bush. He wrote "It is legal and acceptable for the United States to crush the genitals of small children in full view of their parents if their parents might have information useful to the US." He turned the US from a nation providing hope for a better world to the downtrodden to a sadistic thug forcing its will on the weak. There is probably a special place in Hell for…

Video: GOP candidate mocks mansplaining/war on women Democrat posted at 12:41 pm on April 22, 2014 by Ed Morrissey>>>>

The super-rich are taking us for a ride: The obscene concentration of wealth at the top

Vote out the republican con artists and let's have those taking the most from society start putting something back into it.

Do We Do Anything Better Than China Anymore?

Jon Stewart Wants To Know If We Do Anything Better Than China Anymore Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have been cleaning up after themselves and even collecting the recycling. Meanwhile, the stock price for Alibaba soared when the Chinese company went public last month. "They're beating us at both the...

Senate Rebuffs President Obama On Oil

This is what you support when you vote for the your tax dollars to the Rich. Thx the GOP and Bush for this handout!!