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Shared Responsibility - Cost sharing schemes can reduce over-utilization of health care services. Implementation of copays in the Alabama CHIP program demonstrated savings when patients and taxpayers shared the responsibility to pay for care. (This policy sometimes works.)

System Overuse - With rising health care costs, more attention has been placed on productive models of care and systems to cut waste. Limited studies have demonstrated patterns of overuse and waste in health care across various hospital and payer settings.

The Latest Financial Scandal: Variations in Health Care - Imagine the outrage if an investigation uncovered a decades-old scheme in which hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars were siphoned off to pay for health care of little to no value. That finding would probably mean that millions of Americans subjected to this unnecessary care could have been harmed as a result. (Please read this - very instructive!)

Cutting Health-Care Costs for Aging Employees

Cutting Health-Care Costs for Aging Employees | A short Q about health care costs for older people.

Current Medicaid Patients Miss Out on Better Preventive Care - A hallmark of President Obama’s health law is that it requires insurers to cover early detection and disease prevention services at no cost to the patient.

Health-care law is tied to new caps on work hours for part-timers

Health-care law is tied to new caps on work hours for part-timers - For Kevin Pace, the president’s health-care law could have meant better health insurance. Instead, it produced a pay cut.

Patients gaining coverage under health law to further strain shortage of primary care doctors | Getting face time with the family doctor could soon become even harder. A shortage of primary care physicians in some parts of the country is expected to worsen as millions of newly insured Americans gain coverage under the federal health care law next year. Doctors could face a backlog, and patients could find it difficult to get quick appointments.

Health spending is slowing. Jobs are rising. What gives? - One of health care's biggest mysteries: The cost curve is slowing. One of health care's biggest certainties: Jobs numbers keep growing. Read those two sentences again. "It's certainly a puzzle," acknowledged Sam Richardson, a health economist at the University of Texas at Austin.

Surprise! Affordable Care Act Actually Making Health Care More Affordable

Surprise! Affordable Care Act Actually Making Health Care More Affordable - The hair-on-fire Left and the seething Right had a lot in common during the health care debate in 2009 and 2010. One of commonalities was the agreement that the reform President Obama was pushing, despite being named the Affordable Care had, didn't have a prayer of making health insurance premiums affordable.