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I just want to take skateboarding pictures so bad, but I have no skateboarding friends. Well, none of them would ever agree to it. Help me.

This picture is a disorder. What is usually such a lovely thing when people kiss, there is something very disturbing about it. Their faces are stuck together which makes you feel uncomfortable.

Conceptual Phtography by Sarah Ann Loreth

This picture makes me think of multiple personalities. I think that we could recreate this, by placing the clowns around her, but moving in the same position as each other to show that they are one entity.

Shut up and give me that typewriter. This reminds me to evluate georgia O'Keeffe plain landscapes. And further analyse your own by taking a picture of a fire, keeping the original copy, edit it to make it blurred, experiment with different hues and then create your own picture of that using different media. (OR THE SAME WITH WATER!)