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Life in the road will never be the perfection that instagram accounts will show you. There's the time between the sunrises and sunsets. The loneliness that can consume you in the moments spent by yourself in a desolate campground. Spending too much time with your own thoughts haunted by the echoes of laughter of those you've met on the road...and ultimately had to say goodbye to. You learn to embrace the demons along with the good times. There's a price to pay for living the life you dream…

Today marks four months since I quit my job and set out to live the life I've dreamed of. The road hasn't been easy and there's a still a long way to go on this journey but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for following this journey friends.

This past week I let my thoughts get the best of me. Worn down by life on the road I let self doubt creep into my world. I let my depression and anxiety win. I shut in and closed off from the world. Sometimes dealing with this while on the road can be the most difficult. But then something happened today and I began to look around me at the people I'm fortunate enough to call my friends. I realized how much they're dominating and how I'm so lucky to have them all. I may have lost the battle…

Nature sets us free all the while shaking us to our very core. Once we have been stripped of everything we once thought true is when we can find our true selves.

'Will you follow me down that old road and get lost inside those mountains? Will you rip up that map and dance inside the confetti? Let's chase the horizon and find ourselves along the way. These are wandering feet and they wish for yours to join them.' -Tyler Knott

Home is an empty trail just after sunrise in the Tetons. #gtnp

Happy #wcw to the love of my life and my favorite women the Tetons. #gtnp

Never shared this one from earlier this summer I rarely go to this spot because I hate sharing sunrises with hoards of people. Sunrise is a spiritual experience for me. It's a time to clear my head and get ready for the day ahead. But I cave from time to time because this place is pretty damn epic.

Woke up this morning to watch the sunrise and do a little morning exploring. This is one of my favorite activities on the road. Demirkapiga Macedonia looked pretty nice from the tower overlooking the winery. @macedoniatravel @advtravelnetwork #adventurenext #thisisadventure #macedoniatravel

This morning my patience finally paid off as I got the image of the Church of St John at Kane that I had been dreaming about. All week long my friends continued to ask me if I wanted to go but I wanted to wait until the light was right. Today was my last morning in Macedonia and I woke up before the sunrise to see the rain had finally broke. I grabbed all of my gear and went on the thirty minute walk through the empty streets until I found the beautiful church. What a way to say goodbye to…