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I hate how they keep having girls with tattoos, and who are skanks, looking like they're from the 50's! It's like, no woman from the fifties ever look like that. And, if she did, she was looked down upon.

massivecatattack: eddy-eddy: Levi Stocke by Angela Marklew :3 Style For Men on Tumblrwww.yourstyle-men.tumblr.com VKONTAKTE -//- FACEBOOK -//- INSTAGRAM

1) this reminds me of something Pam would like 2) I wish I was brave enough to pull off bold hair! And maybe a fraction of the ink she has

Levi Stocke with a baby - full thick red beard and mustache beards bearded man men mens' casual style street babies children bearding tattoos tattooed sailing summer redhead ginger #beardsforever

I don't know how she's managed to make so many different and weird trends seem so beautiful: the Skrillex haircut + the enlarged ear piercing + a sternum tattoo. Wow! [My Hertsgard photographed by Henrik Adamsen]

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