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For 42 minute video from "48 Hours" show, click

42 minute video documentary – “Sexual Violence - The Fear that Haunts Women in India” - To watch 1/15/15 DW TV video, click

Congo's Women Warriors - There hasn’t been peace in the Congo for 20 years, the army and the various militias are locked in a constant battle over the country’s precious mineral resources. To watch 42 minute DW-TV powerful documentary video click

Breaking Silence - Femicide in Latin America - The murder of women simply because of their gender now has a name: femicide. For more details and to watch 12/14/14 42-minute DW TV documentary, click

8/16/14 - Murder of mother, issue of strangulation and the need for safe houses. For Denver Post artcle, click . . and for 48 hours 42 minute program click

12/12/15 - THE TWO FACES OF TODD WINKLER - A former jet fighter pilot with a secret, dark past kills his wife Found guilty of 1st degree murder & given 26 years to life – To watch “48 Hours” 42 minute program click - To read accompanying article click

If you can invest 12 minutes to warm your heart, watch this incredible video. It’s part of the One Billion Rising campaign to end violence against women around the world. These women face great personal risk in speaking out about harassment, child marriage, domestic abuse, and discriminatory laws. To gather hundreds of young women to dance against violence—and to make a video about it—is powerful. Repin this pin to get it to women across the world.

'Hannibal' showrunner criticizes TV's rape scene epidemic