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Zionist censors enabling war crimes

PressTV - Zionist censors enabling war crimes* Stop the United States of Israel, separate these two nations so we can have our own way of life back before 9/11 Israel blaming Muslims wrongfully made USA into a POLICE STATE at war in Mideast *

I did not see any politicians going to Chapel Hill to express their outrage!!! I did not see the wide media coverage!!! Am I missing something here? Rt Hon David Cameron, where are you? Germany's Chancellor - where are you? French President - where are you?? Israel's murderer - where are you?? Mahmood Abbas - where are you?? Muslims embassy reps - where are you? #ChapelHillShooting

Free palestine* Who will stop the United States of Israel...Israel is now ON TOP of the USA, they did 9/11 and brought in a Police State - Next Syria and Iran then ALL the world...*