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Oh I Love this synagogue; I attended services here as a student! National Historic Landmark; 2nd oldest US synagogue, oldest in continuous use; birthplace of the American Reform Judaism movement.

"Synagogue: After the Fall" form Reform Judaism magazine

Kahal Kadosh Belth Elohim Synagogue- the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the US. The oldest is in New Port, RI, but it was not used for several years.

In addition to the many interesting artifacts in the KKBE museum, we have a series of interpretive signs that relay the history of our congregation. The one pictured here tells of KKBE's role in the birth of reform Judaism.

Congregation Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim. The synagogue was founded in the 1740s. It is the second oldest in the U.S. and the oldest that has been in continuous use.

Stan Ellsworth of "American Ride" with Rabbi Alexander at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue in Charleston, SC. One of the oldest synagogues in America.

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