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Box CEO Aaron Levie weighs in on markets, privacy - Box has come a long way since Aaron Levie founded it as a student at USC in 2005. The cloud storage company ultimately went public last year, in what turned out to be a difficult period for tech stocks. Recent IPOs like Box have been facing added scrutiny, and its shares are curr... | | #Tech #News

With Twitter’s NFL deal, social networks can take on traditional broadcasters at last - For years, the media industry has speculated, somewhat worriedly, that big tech companies wanted to branch out, to take on the TV companies – to acquire rights to premium content. By and large, Silicon Valley firms’ coy response has typically been a demure: “We are... | | #Tech #News

Facebook Says It Will Enable Safety Check In During More Human Disasters, Following Criticism - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg committed to turning on Safety Check in more human disasters going forward, responding to criticism that the company turned on its safety feature for Paris but not for Beirut and other bombings. Zuckerberg explained that the Paris terror ... | | #Tech #News

What Happened To The Food Industry Last Year? - By the time you read this, you will be aware of the U-turn our food system is making to find new, personalized, localized ways to your plate. Last year was a bellwether year for food systems, specifically food distribution systems. In 2016, the traditional method of delivering food... | | #Tech #News

Sources: India’s Flipkart in talks to raise up to $1b, likely in a down round - After years of raising hundreds of millions of dollars to tap into the burgeoning e-commerce market in India, one of the country’s biggest tech companies is facing a markdown in its valuation as it aims to pick up yet more investment. TechCrunch has learned from sources that F... | | #Tech #News

The Great White Fail Whale - Call me Ishmael. Some years ago–never mind how long precisely–having nothing particular to interest me in meatspace, I thought to visit the Vale of Silicon. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen. Whenever my meds get such an upper hand of me, that I yearn to troll... | | #Tech #News

With Customer Care, Twitter Wants To Sharpen Its Profile As A Platform To Do Business - Twitter is on double time these days when it comes to rolling out new products and pressing ahead under new CEO Jack Dorsey — a strategy that will likely get a decent gust of air tomorrow during the company’s Flight developer conference. In the meantime, TechCrunch u... | | #Tech #News

Alphabet slides 6% after missing earnings expectations - For a split second, Alphabet was the most valuable company in the world. Not so much any more, however, with the company’s market cap continuing to slide after it reported its first-quarter earnings. Relatively speaking, shares of Alphabet are only down around 6%. But for a ... | | #Tech #News