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Yes! Just slipping into a fabulous pr of stilettos and instant WOW I can't stop admiring. Not going to find me in any middle age woman comfort granny Croc type shoes-EVER! Sorry just not going to let myself go like that...I'll be skooting around in my whe

I sure as hell didn't think of the German when I read this :) because she was nothing good enough for me to think of!

How much stigma would exist if those who judge us could, indeed, step into our shoes, view our lives, think our thoughts?

When I'm feeling a little low, I put on my favorite high heels to stand a little taller - Dolly Parton

4. Quote that best describes me: this quote describes me I believe because I'm one of those people that it takes a lot to bring me down, and I think it's important to always look presentable. (Shoes also being my favorite)

It’s a girl thing (25 photos)

I'm a girl, and I hate shoes If I could go barefoot everywhere I probably would