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Physiologically, laughter brightens our spirits, the benefits nearly impossible to entirely quantify. So...fake it till you make it. Fake laugh until you real laugh. (Go ahead and try it, I know you want to.)

Gentleman's Rule #19: Make her laugh a lot and all the time. When she stops laughing, pay attention.

I agree and disagree. Because there's negativity everywhere, you can't run away forever. What u can do (or at least try) is let it flow by you and continue its way, not holding on to that. It has to flow TROUGH you.

Gentleman's Rule #44: Bring people into your home, whose morality you wish to teach your children (be they born or not yet even a consideration).

Expecting that someone alter their emotional availability after marriage is like asking a Care Bear to turn into a Unicorn. An emotionally unavailable boy/girlfriend will only turn into an emotionally unavailable husband/wife.