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Left: Master of the moves: Prince in action at Paisley Park, his music and style center. Right: Gearing up gangster-style, Prince shows off the chalk-striped suit and custom-made fedora he wore in his Gett Off video. Editor: André Leon Talley

R.I.P Carrie Fisher and Alan RIckman

Wedding Day Thank You Gift, Mother Of The Groom from Bride Poem A5 Photo

Wedding Day Thank You Gift, Mother Of The Groom from Bride Poem Photo in Home, Furniture & DIY, Wedding Supplies, Wedding Favours | eBay

Ozzy Osbourne is a classic rock 'n' roll legend! Not only was he amazing in Black Sabbath but he has done just as good, even better on his own! I absolutely adore him no matter what my parents say! #followozzyforever

Amazing Fantasy Photography by Michelle Monique

She heard her name called by a worried voice, beckoning her from her sleep. She tilted her head to find him, yet pain followed in suit, flooding her whole body with a deep ache, as if she had been beaten over and over again. Although she tried to suppress a groan, it escaped her, but her companion ran his fingers through her hair soothingly, relaxing her. "Shh.." he hushed. "I can make this better... if you will trust me." "Always," she answered, laying her head upon his shoulder.

Park Jimin is one of those people who I can't believe is actually human. Because he's so perfect and cute and sexy at the same time it honestly amazes me. I SWEAR I AM 100% LOYAL TO YOONGI BUT PARK JIMIN I-

The Sandman 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt producirá, dirigirá y actuará en #TheSandman … gran comic de #NeilGaiman