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This is my mom, Sarah Ruperta Mora, from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her mother's and her father's ancestors came from Spain.

My dad, Jake W. Nigro after graduating, he worked for his dad, Pete Nigro. Then he took a job with the government and went to Denver. He met my mom there, love at first sight. Fred Willis Nigro

This is my dad, Jake W. Nigro, he was visiting with cousins, Tom & Mary Cerise in KCMO

My dad, Jake W. Nigro, and me (Fred) in the park on my tricycle. He was a good dad, but very strict. He and my mom made a great couple and we had a good home life.

This is Sarah Nigro & Husband, Jake W. Nigro with two of their grand daughter's Chris...Joanna...This is my mom's recipe for salmon croquettes, she always make cream peas & diced potatoes with the patties...

This was my parent's wedding picture, jake Willis Nigro & Sarah Repurta Mora, best man, Fred Mora, Jr and his wife Ida Marie Romero Mora. They got married in Denver, Colorado in 1944. Fred Willis Nigro

This is my cousin, Evelyn Mora, and my sister, Cathy Nigro back in the day @ 1954. Cathy married Joe Digiralamo and had 3 children and 5 grand kids 2014. Cathy took after our father, Jake Willis Nigro. I took after my mom, Sarah Ruperta Mora Nigro. Fred Willis Nigro.

This is me at 3 with my mom and my dog, Taffy. Sarah Ruperta Mora Nigro Fred Willis Nigro

Sarah is on the far left, her cousin Dora Gallegos, Me ( Fred Willis Nigro), and my cousin Patian Moralano (Mora + Lisano). Patian is my first cousin & I am her godfather. She is studying psychology & is a good artist. She lives in Denver, Co. I go there every Summer with my son Nick. Fred Willis Nigro

Mom, Sarah R. Mora Nigro, and me ( Fred) later all grown up. She was always proud of me, even when I dropped out of the seminary. a Good mom.