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Lewis W. Hine reveals that the labor force supporting big companies is practically slavery and even children are being forced to endure it.

This is a primary source from the Industrial Revolution that was written to show the horrible conditions that the workers were enduring.

This source is a diary entry that portrayed the living and work conditions that workers during the industrial age went through. It revealed the protests that people had against these problems and called for a social reform.

The picture does not depict what this source is. This source is the first telegraphic message ever sent by Samuel Moorse. It reveals the advancement of communication in the industrialization revolution.

This source goes in depth on unions but it most notably talks about how the working class during the industrial revolution was underrepresented and how unions were formed to protect their rights. It also explains that unions were so impactful that they are still used today.

Children during the industrial revolution were often hired by coal mining companies to dig out coal because the children were so small and could therefore fit into smaller places. There were many dangers that were involved in the mining process that children, and people in general, should not have been exposed to.

This source is about Andrew Carnegie who was one of the "Captains of Industry" and amassed a fortune during the Second Industrial Revolution because of his very successful steel industry.

This source reveals the railways that lead people to the west in the 19th century and the advancement in transportation. Railroads were a new idea to the American citizens at the time and to have something built that took them to the west without their horses was a big impact.

This sources is a video that explains how the industrial revolution took of and all of the inventions made in the 19th century that very much impacted industrialization in America