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I'll admit I find this hard to do. As my thirties approach, I've started thinking I should do this, have this by now. It's tricky to ignore and fight against what society tells you, you should have by a certain time.

Let 2016 be that fresh start from you, wipe the slate and leave things behind, CHOOSE to let go, and to be happy. Choose to let go of the past and look to the future and I promise life will improve for you, just give yourself a second chance

Inspirational Quotes About Moving On

I was happy.I loved him..I still love him..but he was not moving..I wasn't worth that much to him but I am worth so much more to let's see what tomorrow brings.....

Believe it! We are souls inside a body and we can do anything as long as we just believe in our inner strength!

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She's nailed it and that is the Narcs permanent pain. She never grovelled never faultered. She stand she dealt and she won ! Her life is her own and knowing I need NOBODY to depend on - is the best REVENGE in ANY ABUSIVE Marriage. Thank you Lord👍🏾