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Watermelon Blueberry Mint Spritzer

This watermelon blueberry mint spritzer is the perfect Memorial Day cocktail. Fruity watermelon mixed with fresh mint, blueberries and a touch of Truvia.

Make Your Own Extracts for Cooking and Gift Giving

Good quality extracts can make such a difference in cooking! Baking sugar cookies? Vanilla is wonderful, but add some almond extract and now you really have a special treat. Or a touch of orange extract in the frosting on a chocolate cake. Pure extracts can be pricey, but you can easily make them at home for a lot less. Package them in attractive jars, and you have a unique item for gift giving.

Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream Cake

Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream Cake - vanilla cake soaked with orange flavoring, with layers of vanilla and orange creamsicle ice cream! Such a fun twist on the classic popsicle!

French silver chocolate pot, ca. 1765, bearing the touch of Guillaume Pigeron, Paris. (Sold at Pook & Pook for $900)

Argentine Arroz Con Pollo

I’m amazed to see the similarities we find in one same recipe that we consider traditional or native to our own country. “Arroz con Pollo” (chicken and rice) is the perfect example of what I just mentioned, a dish that is consumed in every Latin American home. And even though its preparation and presentation varies in every country, we all use common basic ingredients to give it that authentic taste and personal touch. In my home, we usually prepare two delicious versions of arroz con…

Mexican Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Celebrate the holiday season with soft Mexican chocolate thumbprint cookies. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is baking cookies with my children so we can share them with friends, family, and neighbors. These soft Mexican chocolate thumbprint cookies are my favorite cookies to prepare and I can make them anytime of the year. The sweet Mexican chocolate with a light touch of cinnamon will please everyone. Your home will never feel cozier than with the heat of the oven and…

Sopa Seca de Fideo

Full of flavor and hearty, this Mexican Fideo Seco soup will have your guests going for seconds and thirds. The perfect touch: avocado and sour cream.

Patacones con pollo y salsa rosada

Patacones con pollo y salsa rosada-Patacones son plátanos verdes fritos (o tostones) acompañados de lo que se te ocurra. Pero lo más importante es la salsita. Si, es lo que les da el toque perfecto.