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$148 Large Wiccan altar devotional Healing Crystals Gemstone Bowls 4.25" Moss Agate Earth Energy Clearing space Cleansing stone bowl

Lovely addition for your meditation, Reiki, altar work and all your Spiritual needs.. The perfect size to tuck away on a window sill , small altar or use for meditation - Place intentions inside to manifest your desires, charge jewelry, cleanse other small items...Small Blue Fluorite Gemstone Bowl Crystal Healing Metaphysical Stone Manifesting Reiki Altar Vessel

Vintage Pink Rhodochrosite Gemstone Bowl Idar Oberstein Germany Collectible Crystal Healing Stones, Metaphysical Reiki Energy, Heart chakra, Attract Love

Gorgeous vintage gemstone bowl with layers of purple amethyst, quartz, and **very light** green amethyst / prasiolite. 2 ends are left all natural -PRASIOLITE / GREEN AMETHYST AKA Vermarine: Opens channels to receive Divine guidance; Protects one from negativity; Brings prosperity; Although a heart chakra stone it also is excellent for Opening the third eye and crown chakras; Helps the user become more in tune with nature and their spiritual path.