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Fracking Disasters! -Explosion at Fracking Well Sparks Fire Set to Rage for Days

The disasters of fracking:

Pipeline spills 176,000 gallons of crude into ND creek (13/Dec/2016).

New documentary: Dear President Obama - expresses the rage & sense of hopelessness of Americans whose water supply has been destroyed by fracking & their inability to get help. They ask Obama - where is the change you promised? Where is our democracy? Fracking has created an environmental catastrophe & the govt is listening to corporations but no one listens to us. Watch:

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper thanks & applauds the town of Amherst for its (fracking water) decision - stepping away from discussions about disposing of fracking waste water into the Bay of Fundy.

Wisconsin's DNR approved a new study (28/Jan/2015) on frac sand mining in Wisconsin. The DNR wants to update a 2012 report on sand mining with more current information after Midwest Environmental Advocates presented a petition to the agency's board in Oct/2014 seeking an industry analysis.

Sand mining on which fracking depends & which desecrated lands & forests in WI & MN is suffering the lack of profitability of fracking, Fracking, which has proven more costly to get oil out of shale than the returns - has resulted in closing sand mines across the Midwest.

West Virginia train derailment sends an oil tanker into the Kanawha River - a HUGE THREAT to loss of life & environmental disaster. Almost without any regulation, King oil is hauling dangerous fracking sludge across America from North Dakota & Canada, resulting in explosive train disasters, destroying rivers & drinking water sources, & threatening residents of small towns across the US.

Part of a Queensland river bubbling with methane gas explodes into fire after being set alight by a Greens MP.