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For The Love of Dachshunds Click here to download Dogs. Click here to download I don't have the heart to tell him he's not a dog. Click here to download boxer! Click here to download English cream dachshund. Katie's someday baby Click here to download

“In the morning, when she wishes me to wake, she crouches on my chest, and pats my face with her paw. Or, if I am on my side, she crouches looking into my face. Soft, soft touches of her paw. I open my eyes, say I don't want to wake. I close my eyes. Cat gently pats my eyelids. Cat licks my nose. Cat starts purring, two inches from my face. Cat, then, as I lie pretending to be asleep, delicately bites my nose. I laugh and sit up. At which she bounds off my bed and streaks downstairs -- to…

You keep lion around Dad, it IS Father's day! Adorable cub snuggles up to his dad in the zoo