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5 deliciously refreshing homemade slurpees, recipes for healthy fruit slurpees, kool-aid slurpees, ice cream floats and lemonade slurpees #kids #summer

Frobscottle! "It tasted of vanilla and cream with just the faintest trace of raspberries on the edge of the flavour. And the bubbles were wonderful. Sophie could actually feel them bouncing and bursting all around her tummy. It was an amazing sensation."

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

There’s something irresistible about a root beer float. For me, the cold frothy treat always brings back fond childhood memories of times with my dad. He would make these treats for my brother and me...Read More »

Cornish Pasties

Okay, no-- not pasties like a stripper wears, those are pasties with a long "A" sound (like paste you ate in grade school). These are pasties with a short "a' sound like the "a" in the past that was past just yesterday, lol!

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Ice Cream Float Clipart ~BUNDLE (Classroom Snack Packs 1-8)

Ice Cream Float BUNDLED Clipart set includes 120 clipart pieces This is a BUNDLE set of my Classroom Snack Packs 1-8-- Ice Cream Floats! Start your school year off with a delicious snack that can now be academic!! As with all jen hart DESIGN clipart products, each set also includes blackline images! $15.00

Magic tap fountain in the town of Ypres, Belgium. I went to Ypres. The war memorials were moving, the chocolate shops were delicious, but why didn't anyone show me this?!

Blueberry Lime Soda Floats

Blueberry Lime Soda Floats… these delicious and easy to make floats are made with fresh berries, and so refreshing! August is a month I both love and hate. I love that it’s a month of change – summer is winding down, it’s time to get ready for school, and there are the tiniest hints that …