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hatakedolls: “ Little Monica Sophia with some lovely Oscardoll eyes, and pastel fishy tails! Photo belongs to gattina* on Flickr. ”

sculpting from poly clay-- check out the rest of the site for a full set of tutorials. everything from design to casting to painting.

Marina Bychkova is a Russian-Canadian figurative artist and a founder of Enchanted Doll™- a luxury toy label of exquisite, porcelain dolls.

Supia Muriel - looks so much like an elfin version of Natalie Portman! I do not collect SD sized BJD's, but I'd make an exception for this beauty. (Image from Supiadollz official website)

Soon the Blue Fairy would come and make her a real girl. She couldn't wait until that day. She spent her time dreaming about all the possibilities she would have living in a real body, full in spirit, with a workable, processing mind.