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INFOGRAPHIC: 7 secret business rules men don't share with women. For women entrepreneurs this is how you can compete with your male peers. Ernst & Young's global vice chair of strategic growth markets Maria Pinelli exposes the unwritten code of business conduct that gives male entrepreneurs an edge.

If I lend you a book, my first rule is do not fold pages or bend back covers. Yes I can tell, if you do it, and you must agree to buy me a new one.

Handle A Book The Way A Bee Does A Flower, Extract Its Sweetness But Do Not Damage It - a quote from John Muir. -- ColourscapeStudios -- in Brisbane, Queensland

I'm ashamed to admit that I have gone so far as actually buying someone a copy of their own. Simply because I don't want to be rude but at the same time I REALLY didn't want to loan them mine. Especially if it's a hardcover or first edition, then they'd have to pry it from my cold head hands! (I know I've got a problem, no need to tell me, lol)

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