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Erotic nature lovers fertility goddess botanical art print | passion love nature spirits tattooed erotic fantasy nude female erotica flowers

erotic nature lovers fertility goddess spirits botanical by artofmarabelle on Etsy 11x14 art print of two heavily tattooed nature lover spirits, fertility gods and goddesses entwined in a passionate embrace under the full moon. I deliberately left gender open to individual interpretation. I wanted them to be as beautifully covered in tattoos as fairies in a wild garden.

Starfall Girl Visionary Art - dreaming stars peaceful cosmic night sky galaxy moon magical cosmos birth awakening serenity

"Starfall (Dreamers #1)" by artofmarabelle, dreaming, stars, peaceful, universe, night sky, moon, magical, birth, awakening, serenity.

Nautical art, ocean, fish painting, mixed media art, whimsical nursery decor, surreal art, dali, aviation art, flying fish, beach decor Ocean Flight / Original Acrylic Painting by DobrishmanArt on Etsy, $185.00

There is nothing like the feel and honey smell of a buttery beeswax finish on a collage! FIRST - if you have any questions please email me at - Supplies: Beeswax, plastic scraper, tweezers, craft iron, Ranger Melting Pot or small crock pot, tile to keep pot on, HAKE or other natural bristle brush, images, painted or stam...

Miniature Girl, Bird Pin, Clay Brooch, Jewelry Shop, Handmade Jewelry, Original Drawing, Whimsical Art, Folk Inspired, Woodland, Nature

Red Dangle Earrings, Christmas Earrings, Long Red Earrings In Antique Brass, Valentine, Drop Earrings

Woodmouse Circus, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Step Right Up! You won't believe your eyes! A menagerie of spectacular animal feats!"