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Cleaning your blender doesn’t have to be so hard with this handy #Diskartips! :)

Learn how to rid of strong scents from your hands after working with garlic and fish with this handy #DiskarTips!

Using this handy trick will prevent the knife from sticking or tearing the cake. #Diskartips

Know when the oil is hot and ready for cooking your favorite meals with this handy #Diskartips!

Having a tough time opening some jars? Here’s a handy tip: The rubber band will provide extra traction. If that’s still not enough, cover the rubber banded top with a dish towel, and try again. #Diskartips

An Indispensable Guide To Cutting Recipes In Half

Sometimes you just want a treat but not thousands of leftovers! Woohoo! (scheduled via

What kind of baon do you prefer more - sandwiches or rice/pasta meals? Save more money and time when you pack and enjoy your favorite Clara Olé dishes at work!

Planning to whip up treats in the stove in preparation for Halloween this year? Get started easily with this #DiskarTips!

With all the Christmas parties coming up, time is essential. Remember to utilize your cooking preparations ahead of time for easy and hassle-free cooking!