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Periodic Table of Suspension Exercises

This Periodic Table of Suspension Exercises lists 119 TRX exercises arranged by muscle group and difficulty. Click on any exercise for a video demonstration. Enjoy!

Get Six-Pack Abs With Zero Sit-Ups

Staying in your high side plank, reach the top arm to the sky again. Keeping the hips in position, thread the arm through and under the body reaching for the wall behind you as you exhale and contract your center. Extend back to the top and repeat for 15 to 20 reps per side Read more: Photos by Benjamin Patterson

5 Moves That Will Keep Your Abs Sore For Days

Since your abs move in more ways than just planks and crunches, they need a variety of exercises to reach their full potential, and not to mention look good in a bikini. So if you want to up your abs game, do these five out-of-the-box exercises to fire up the muscle fibers you didn’t know …

The Best Abs Exercises You've Never Seen

How to Get a Flat Stomach: The Best Abs Exercises You've Never Seen | Shape Magazine

All About Abs – 66 Exercises in Pictures! Bodybuilding, Calisthenics & Yoga (Part 1