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Aoi Toori <3 *He makes a wonderful sushi roll... lol*

"If they say something you don’t like, just cough to slide right past it.. that’s how diplomacy works." - Aoi Toori

境界线上のホライゾン Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

Set in the distant future, Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere opens with the nations of the world squabbling over the Earth’s last inhabitable land, Japan. Above them floats the ship city of Musashi, home to our hero, pervy class president Aoi Tori, and his fellow students at the Ariadust Academy. Fast-paced action, political skullduggery and classroom antics combine with a stunningly imaginative setting to make Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere an intriguing addition to the sci-fi anime ranks.