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The 1989 World tour ended yesterday. 7 months, 85 cities and many concerts and shows later. The tour has ended. Wish I could have gone to this one, and definitely won't miss the next one. I love you Taylor Swift!!

Taylor Swift...finally someone who wants to portray a good girl and a close resemblance to Kim Basinger

"Taylor is only using Harry for fame..." EXCUSE ME? Think she's got the fame issue pretty under control, without having to go for the 'I'm dating so and so, so like me' method!

From Colleen: I took from the front row in the pit at Bridgestone arena in Nashville on Nashville is the last stop for Taylor's RED tour, she has 3 shows total here and tonight opened it!! Even with a cold she was spectacular! She says this in...

Remember when you were in middle school and your main form of communication with your friends was Myspace since your parents hadn’t agreed to let you have a cellphone yet? You were pretty weird back then.