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Original target stopper with typical wide pouring rim. It has three applied and feathered neck rings above a Mallet Body. Engraved with a three mast sailing ship with full rigging and initials W F D inside cartouche surrounded by Scottish Thistles. Basal moulded comb fluting with a rough snapped pontil. Not marked but almost certainly from the CORK glass works.

Regency Period Perfume Bottle Box, made from Brazilian Rosewood, brass inlaid with the typical Regency flush handles to the top and front. The Box has a working lock and key, when open reveals four separated sections containing four cut glass bottles. The box also has a draw with three compartments which is accessed to the front of the box using the flush handle, it is locked using a pin.The interior has been re-lined with a hand marbled paper. 10" wide x 3.75" Deep x 7” tall while closed.

Ivan Day and Tony Barton produced the sugar sculpture for the plateau. The dessert foods consisted of a typical array of eighteenth century English luxury items made from contemporary recipes. These included diablotins or diavolini (comfit-covered chocolates), gooseberries as hops, apricot knots, coffee wafers and chocolate puffs. The sources for these recipes were works on confectionery by Edward Lambert, Hannah Glasse, Elizabeth Price, Bernard Claremont and Hannah Robertson.