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Eucharistic Miracle of Guadalupe, Toledo Spain, 1420: Venerable Don Pedro Cabañuelas had a deep devotion to the Holy Eucharist. When he lifted the Host above the chalice, abundant drops of Blood began to fall, and the blood immediately replenished the chalice and overflowed onto the corporal and on the pall. At that point, the priest heard a voice that said: "Finish the Holy Mass, and for the moment reveal to no one what you saw".

Eucharistic Miracle of Guadalupe Spain- 1420: Don Pedro Cabañuelas began to celebrate the Holy Mass, during consecration he saw a dense cloud come down from above & settle itself above the altar. He could not see any more. Slowly the cloud began to reduce itself and presented this sight: the Host was lifted above the chalice and abundant drops of Blood began to fall that immediately replenished the chalice and even overflowed pouring onto the corporal...

Cascia, Italy, Minor Basilica,1300's ~ the Eucharistic Miracle & remains of Blessed Simone Fidati. A certain priest had lost his respect for the Eucharist, and when going on a call to administer the Holy Sacraments to an ailing peasant, took a Consecrated Host & placed it irreverently between the pages of his breviary. When he opened the book, he saw that the Host had turned red with fresh blood & was impregnated with the two pages between which it had been placed. The priest sought out for…

Up close the tabernacle that holds Eucharistic Miracles of Florence Italy 1230 & 1595 are kept at the Chiesa di Sant'Ambrogio: Fr. Uguccione,just finished celebrating Mass, did not realize that several drops of consecrated wine remained in the chalice & turned into blood...Good Friday 1595 people immediately rushed to put out the fire, succeeded in saving the Blessed Sacrament and chalice. 6 fragments of consecrated Hosts fell from the pyx onto the smoldering carpet, these were found intact

Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, Italy. In the 8th century AD, a monk doubted that in the consecrated Host there was truly the Body of Our Lord and in the chalice, His Blood. He celebrated the Mass and after pronouncing the words of consecration, he saw the Host change into flesh and the wine into blood. The laboratory tests, done several times and by different experts in recent years, confirm that this is human flesh and human blood, which are preserved incorrupt.

Kissing the Relic of the Eucharistic Miracle of Boxmeer (Boxmeers) at Sint Petrusbasiliek-1400: Fr. Arnoldus Groen was celebrating Mass and immediately after he consecrated the Host and wine, the consecrated wine changed to Blood as though it was boiling, it began bubbling out of the chalice and onto the corporal. When the wine changed to Blood, it coagulated in a great lump. It is known as "Boxmeerse Heilig Bloed"

Eucharistic Miracle of Cimballa-1370: Fr. Don Tommaso was doubting the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. consecration. Fr. Don Tommaso saw Blood flowing from the Host which had transformed into flesh;the altar-linens were saturated. He began to weep from remorse. The faithful,saw how he was troubled,quickly looked to the altar and saw the miracle.

Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, Italy. The Host was proven to be a part of a human heart muscle and the Wine was of a human blood.